Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Hi all, I'm back! I'm back - after my looong break to give birth to my little Joel. But I'm quite busy looking after him 24/7 now, and coz of the "firewall problem", I sometimes have problems accessing eblogger. U can still leave me a message here if u are keen to do a swap though (the message still goes to my Inbox)...just that I might not be able to see your blog. Do give me a list of the things u want/offer. Hope we can arrange a swap if I have the time & energy. I wouldnt mind doing swaps for a few super nice & cool items too - especially BABY SWAPS!

New! New!
* Rootote shopping bags
* Canvas recycled bags (cute/stylish designs)
* Cellphone pouches
* Bento sets (Sanrio)
* Clothings (tshirt/blouse)
* Kids clothings
* Cosmetic pouches
* ...
(please see the post above for sample pictures...click on this full blog)

Swap Muse Jo

Hi! I'm from Singapore, but relocated to Shanghai, China. So rest assured that I've got great taste. Haha!
[Sorry, i dont intend to do SINGAPORE swaps since there's nothing i miss from there]

take your pick (edited from time to time)
- chinese/non-chinese snacks: nuts, crackers, biscuits (though i've yet to try all)
- GLICO chocolates/Poky
- Chinese tea samplings (eg flower tea, longjing tea - the "national tea" in China)

- nail crystals (for DIY manicure/pedicure)
- socks
- stockings (in pretty pretty prints)
- handkerchief, hand/face towel (girlish pretty/cartoonish)
- pocket mirror
- cute cellphone strap
- cellphone decorative crystal stickers...so BLING*BLING
- cute keyring
- accessories: earring, ring (adjustable), necklace, brooch, hairclip
- cute stationery
- purse (beaded/oriental embroidery)
- cosmetics pouch (Hello Kitty or kawaii ones)
- bags in retro designs (handmade A4-sized)
- cute lil' deco tape
- spectacles case (in cute design, plastic)
- small collectors' tin toy
- wooden toy
- small figurines
- errr...kawaii panty (could fit M-sized Caucasians)
- cute tea infuser
- lipgloss
- magnets
- postcards (of Shanghai)
OR anything from my previous swap partners which i havent use & u like. So swapping becomes more fun & cultural!

- leggings (lace/prints/glitter)
- scarf
* kids clothings (esp japanese-styled)
* Agnes b. cosmetic pouch/purse/pencil case
* Rootote shopping/canvas bag

[Do let me know your size/fav colour/style...etc, if necessary]
(I'll really like to get baby items now!)
- baby boy stuffs eg. clothes, hat, snacks etc
- any kawaii/pretty/stylish bag, purse, clutch, pouch (i'm a freak!)
- used/new Harrods tote bag or similar type of "patent bag"
- accessories (vintage/wacky/handmade): interesting necklace, brooch/pin/badge, small hairclip, bracelet
- 'Junkfood' lookalike tees/singlet (in Small/XS)
- delicious shortcake cookies+chocolates (i love it 2-in-1)
- snacks & candies (i've got a sweet tooth)
- chocolates (in any flavour but mint. i prefer milk to dark chocolate too)
- interesting lighter, matchbox (though i dont smoke)
- stationery with patterns/prints/baroque/illustration (eg Paperchase and the likes): on notebook, paperclip, pen, pencil, stamp, magnet...
- anything Care Bears, Monchichi, the good old Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Smurfs...
- anything Cram Cream, Decole, Sanrio (esp My Melody & Hello Kitty), Bambi, Tinklebell, Marimekko, Fred Flare, Topshop...
- handmade item (IF it's not too much of a chore) eg bag, purse, pins, plush toy...
- metal container with a nice print
- VERY SIMPLE & very very VERY delicious baking receipes
- tea
- dean & deluca/starbucks items
- your favourite music/mix CD
- ENGLISH books/novels/fashion/craft magazines in any language: Danielle Steels, informative magazines, craft books for small purses or plush toys...
- anything unique/special in your country
* interesting baby boys tees (not cartoon)
* books for babies (in English)
OR any kawaii/pretty/stylish/interesting item. I just cannot resist kawaii & pretty stuffs!

And of course, i'm open to your suggestions! I love a happy giver (as myself)! Heehee...

Do leave your comment below and let me know what are the things you'll want/offer. Remember to gimme your blog/email too!

~ Here's more info about me: Colors i like are black, all metallics: gold/bronze/silver, all shades of green (except lime green), dark purple, bright blues, pink...

This was originally from:
which i am having problems accessing due to the "Great China Firewall"
sorry if you had left a message, and i didnt reply


Lyz said...

Hi there! My name is Lyz, I'm from the US and I'm really interested in swapping with you! You can check out my blog page here: http://circle-of-ashes.livejournal.com/158507.html or you can e-mail me at maiden117@yahoo.com

Thank you! ^_^

boubouille said...

Hi, I would like to swap with you

Chiara said...

Hi!My name's Chiara,I'm 19 and I'm from Italy...I think I can send you something^_- I'd like so much swapping with you...even in August or whenever you want ^_- Please contact me (I'm listed on GYS as Kiarolla,Italy). My e-mail is kiarolla-.-@hotmail.it

Chiara said...

If you want you can look at my list http://kiarolla.splinder.com/tag/gimme_your_stuff

Samantha said...

hi! i'm samantha from the united states check out what you'd like to swap on my swap page

Anonymous said...

I'm Jenny from Australia! and i would love to trade cutes stuffs with you... Please check out my blog and drop me a line if you would like to trade!!
xoxo Jenny


Anonymous said...

Hello ^-^

I am Sharon from Belgium. I have some kawaii goodies, stickers, stationery up for swapping against cute stationery or tape :)

If interested?

I also have an online kawaii store www.ilovekawaii.com


gauravi said...

Hi! My name is Gauravi and I am from Goa, India. I would absolutely love to swap with you! I am ver interested in Asai and some day I hope to visit China.

Let me know if you are interested. My email address is devika28@aol.com, and my blog site is at http://devika28.blogspot.com/.

Let's swap!

cara*mwah* said...

Hey there,

I would love to swapp with you, check out my blog to see what is on offer. I love Kawaii and stationery and it seems we share some of the same interests. You can post on my blog or E-mail me at cara@cairns-urology.com.au.

Look forward to hearing from u. :)


tinytoons014 said...

HEY! my name is ashley i live in the US i would love to do a kawaii/ hello kitty swap uhm visit my site to see wut i can offer u:


Jo said...

Hi Tinytoons014,
If you saw my entire blog http://swapmuse.blogspot.com , you'll realised I've stopped swapping coz I'm no longer staying in Shanghai. Anyway, perhaps we can swap next year. Heehee... Thanks anyway! Cheers, Jo =)

ArtAgata said...

hi! i'm italian i've a swap's group...if you want to swap with me or your group with my group contact me!
i attend! bye bye!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! i read you´re back in singapore now but i was wondering if i could swap with you sometime if you´re going back to china?
i´d be so happy! ^___^
please email if your intrested: akai_hana@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Hello girl, nice to meet you ^_^
My name is Daniela and I'm a 25 years old girl from Rome, Italy.
I really WOULD LOVE to swap stuff with you! I'm in the swappers world from 3 years now!
I can offer: fashion magazines, snacks, candies, chocolates, local food, kawaii stationary, kawaii accessories (earrings, necklaces, hairpins,..), little bags, make up stuff, souvenirs, tea bags, cappuccino bags,..and what you'll want to get from Italy!
I would like to receive: Sanrio's stuff, kawaii stationary, origami papers, cute stickers & tapes, postcards, kawaii accessories, fashion magazines, cratf supplies, .. *^_^*
If you're interested, please drop me a line:
I hope to hear from you soon..

María Katia Castro said...

Hi, my name is María Katia. I am form Perú and I can send you artisan and lovely things. You can visit my blog if u wanna swap.
or e mail me at ma_katia@hotmail.com

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Alice. I'm 19 and I'm from Italy and I live in Milan where study psycholohy.I'd like swap with you. From Italy I can send you something that you wrote in your wish-list.
If you want swap with me you can visit my blog :
and my swap-page :http://alyinwonderlandblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/gimme-your-stuff.html

plese write me a mail at: alicesampietro@libero.it

Giuli said...

My name is Giuliana, I'm a mum of 36, and I live in Italy.
I've taken a look to your blog trought GIMME YOUR STUFF.
I wish to trade Japanese craft books (about felt, sewing and embroidery) or magazine (especially Cotton & Paint and similar) and fabrics.
I can send anything you want from my coutry, if I'm able to find.
Do you trade again?
Happy to hear from you,
have a nice day!

Francesca said...

Hi! My name is Francesca from Italy.
I would like to swap with you


Cindy said...

Hello there!

I'm Cindy from Belgium and I would love to swap with you!

I'm mostly interrested in cute stationaries or other writing supplies and I can send some also, aswell as food/candy or other goodies. Check out my link above if you're interrested!


Lara said...

Hello dear!

Would you like to swap with me? How old is your baby by now? I can think of lots of cute baby things to send you.. :)

Here is my email: larakruthers@yahoo.com

Here is my Gimme Your Stuff post:


Email me if you'd like to! :)

Lara (in Germany/US)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Congratulations on the baby!! I'd love to swap with you. My e-mail is furtherxxxaway@yahoo.com.

Giuli said...

First CONGRATULATION FOR YOU NEW BABY BORN and then Welcome back!!
I'd like to swap, I can send you some crafts magazine in italian. But I'm not sure which one you prefer. Please email me at giuliana.p@tele2.it and we'll decide what to do.

lindsaydev said...

I'm from the US, and I'd love to do a swap with you if you're up for it!
Email me if you want to at: lindsay@robbie.com

babyloveshopping said...

hi,i would love to swap with u,i come from malaysia

Swap-Scot said...

I can certainly send you some of the things you're looking for,if you're interested in a swap.

My email is swap-scot@hotmail.co.uk


K. said...

hey, if youre still doing swaps please e-mail me.
Im from Canada,Montreal.
kuziaa_91 at yahoo.com

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